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Get your 15-minute professional, written assessment of current rental performance.  Pick a time! 

Assessment Includes: 

  1. 5 Minute Industry Booking Overview
  2. Guest Review Results - We prep before the call by locating your listing on the main booking sites - which are now Airbnb and Vrbo.  But Google is coming to vacation rentals.  Is your current PM ready? We start with review count and scoring, compare them to the local market averages.  We recap our deep dive into review comments. We look for themes about property care, responsiveness of reservations, maintenance or communication.  
  3. Ad Copy Quality - Large tracts of undifferentiated prose is such a chore to read!  Liberal use of formatting and succinct, impactful descriptions truly move the needle on booking effectiveness. 
  4. Property Photos - The difference between nice and stunning can be huge in terms of income.  
  5. Rental Partner Guest Booking Channels - No local rental company could (or should) try to get to page 1 of Google to rent their units.  The vast, vast majority of renting guests now go to Vrbo or Airbnb so they can see all their options in the whole area with an easy search interface.  That, alone, is worth their fees. FYI, Airbnb ads are free to post, so we've noticed many of our competitors don't advertise on Vrbo anymore. Last year for us Airbnb did 40%, Vrbo did 40%, and iTrip did 20%.  We've found Vrbo guests to be predominantly at least 30, more considerate guests with less issues who book further in advance and at better prices.  
  6. Pricing Management -  We will assess this pre-call and comment. 
  7. Rental Income - Income we would produce versus your current provider. 
  8. Rental Partner Business Model Overview  Large, national company with a revolving door of local, disengaged employees? Single location company whose out of state ownership are the only ones with a vested interest in success? Seasonal, low-paid and transient staff? 
  9. Maintenance - Do you pay $28 for a light bulb change?  Pay triple what you think it's worth to get anything done?   Are you nickeled and dimed on your statement?

Finding a trustworthy partner is not easy given how young and turbulent this industry is.  Our expertise can help avoid problems and give you the hassle-free, durable income advantage you deserve!

Thanks for reading!  Please call, text, or book a time with me! 

Sandy Steadman - Owner, iTrip, Breckenridge (970)389-3737cell

Address400 North Park Avenue #10B, Breckenridge, CO 80424
(800) 951-0752 (Toll Free)
(970) 717-0691 (Local)
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