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iBreck Escapes, Inc.
400 North Park Avenue #10B
Breckenridge, CO
(800) 951-0752
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Meet iTrip Vacations Breckenridge

Sandy Steadman owns and operates iTrip Vacations Breckenridge (iBreck Escapes) in Colorado.

Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, Sandy’s passion for real estate started early from witnessing and participating in home-improvement projects. After completing a marketing degree at University of Colorado in Boulder, Sandy went from sales in consumer products to technology while buying, fixing up, and renting out single-family homes in the Denver area and pursuing a master's in Information Technology.

Sandy pursued her dream of owning her own business in 2012 after finding iTrip Vacations. This opportunity intersected Sandy’s favorite things: real estate, software, and long-term guest and owner relationships. The ability to work from home in a growing industry in the sharing economy are just bonuses!

iTrip Vacations is a short-term rental property management company that has revolutionized the industry. As a result of their innovation and integrated software, they provide quality vacation rentals at a lower cost than the competition. Plus, the full-service program includes expansive digital marketing, personalized property care, five-star guest service, and overseeing cleaning, maintenance and inspections.

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