Frequently Asked Questions About iTrip

How do iTrip Members promote and market your property?
Each property has their own customized website on 5 Internet Rental sites. All inquiries are property specific ensuring the owner that they receive all intended bookings. In the event that a requested property is booked, alternate similar properties will be offered using unit specific criteria such as availability, pricing, location and number of bedrooms/bathrooms. iTrip Members utilize the most searched Internet Vacation Rental sites available. Utilizing weekly updated statistical analysis of daily visits we contract with the most searched websites. Experience has shown that 3 or 4 web sites consistently have the most inquiries. Each guest also receives a follow up letter from iTrip Members with the return of their security deposit with instructions on how to leave a comment in the property's website guest book. In addition owner's are encouraged to email iTrip Members with comments written in your property guest book so that iTrip Members can add these to your website guest book. iTrip Members keeps a detailed database on renters so that they can be contacted periodically to encourage repeat bookings.
Can I promote and rent my own property?
iTrip Members encourage owners to promote their rental property to friends, relatives and business associates. iTrip Members provide you with a custom Web page on the website in order for you to promote your property to friends, neighbors etc. iTrip Members also work with you to honor discounts you may wish to offer to friends and family members. iTrip Members offer a 50% commission discount on bookings that you refer.
How are rates established?
iTrip Members work with property owners to establish all rental rates and terms. It is in the best interest of the property owners and iTrip Members to maximize your rental income and insure that your property rents for the maximum amount obtainable. A market analysis is performed using current comparable properties to determine competitive rental rates. Due to competitive market conditions, tourist fluctuations and demand iTrip Members reserve the right to alter rates and terms and make special rates and terms at its discretion in order to maximize the OWNERS' rental income and occupancy percentage.
What are some of the normal expenses for the rental program?
iTrip Members try to keep expenses to a minimum. We too have seen the nitpicking expenses charged by some other rental programs. There are no hidden charges to property owners. The only fees charged are: Initial Enrollment Fee, The agreed Commission Fee, credit card fees (generally 3%) and actual maintenance fees.
What about cleaning services and maintenance?
Repeat business is based on happy customers. Everyday maintenance of your property prolongs its life and increases its value. iTrip Members employ exceptional cleaning services that are second to none. Our cleaning staffs inspect each property as they clean (a great way to notice damage or substandard maintenance) as well as inspecting the complete unit after cleaning. Our cleaning services pride themselves on preparing each unit to our strict standards for the next arrival. A clean, well-maintained property is one the owner is proud of and the rental guests request when they plan their next vacation. This cleaning service is charged to the rental guest as an additional charge.
What about maintenance?
iTrip Members provide Light Maintenance i.e. replacing light bulbs, remote batteries, smoke detector batteries, and furnace filters at no charge for labor (only the actual cost of replaced items will be charged). We also manage all major repairs and bill you for the actual cost as part of our complete system. When non-emergency major repairs are required, you will be provided with an estimate before repairs are made.
What about linens?
iTrip Members will provide a recommended list of linens that property owners should have on hand. This recommended list is included with your enrollment package along with recommendations on furnishings and house wares.
What type of rental tenant will be allowed in my unit?
While most owners want to maximize rental of their property they of course do not want to rent to someone who may cause damage to your property. iTrip Members have a strict policy designed to promote family-oriented rentals only. NO UN-CHAPERONED VACATIONING STUDENTS OR SINGLE GROUPS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-FIVE ARE ALLOWED TO RENT iTrip Member PROPERTIES. Our maximum concern is for the protection of the property and our aggressive pursuance of rentals will not be at the property's expense. The iTrip Member staff is thoroughly trained in screening prospective rental guests to assure that they meet the quality standards required. This is spelled out in the rental contract signed by the guest.
What if there is damage by a rental guest?
iTrip Members require damage deposits from each property reservation. The amount of this deposit is based on the property and is usually $250.00 to $500.00. This damage deposit is required thirty days in advance of rental and therefore is completely in the hands of the iTrip Member by the time of rental. At each departure cleaning staff inspect each property for damages. If it is determined that there are damages the repair cost is charged and deducted from the rental guest's deposit. Upon approval of the cleaning staff, iTrip Members will return the damage deposit to the rental tenant generally 7 to 10 days following check out.
How do we receive our rental proceeds?
Each month iTrip Members supply each property owner a detailed statement of the previous month's rental activity. The statement itemizes all income and expense items. A net proceeds check is rendered and sent with this monthly statement. This statement should serve as verification of your income and expenses for tax purposes.
What about owner and owner's free guest use?
iTrip Members allow each owner unlimited use of their property AT ANY TIME. Owners must, however, reserve their property through the iTrip Member rental services to ensure that availability calendars are kept current at all times. No fees other than departure cleaning services apply.
Do iTrip Members accept credit cards and who pays for the fees?
iTrip Members accept all major credit cards for reservation, rental and security deposits. Credit cards have become a way of life and are not only needed as a courtesy to rental guests but also provide for guaranteed up-front funds for the owner with no worries about collection particularly with short notice rentals. The fees associated with credit card use are an expense to the owner. iTrip Members only charge the rate that is paid to the credit card provider.

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