The iTrip Worry Free Guarantee

If you rent a property from an iTrip Member Rental Company that is listed on our site that does not exist, is found not to be a legitimate vacation rental property or you are intentionally and wrongfully denied access to an iTrip vacation rental property for your contracted occupancy your rental deposit will be refunded in full.
We will NOT however provide a refund for the following claims:
  • Additional expenses such as cost of travel, airfare, loss of income or any additional travel or non-travel related expense.
  • Payments or Deposits for an iTrip Member rental property that were not refunded due to the fact that you were not in compliance with the rental agreement or contract.
  • Objection to the location, condition, misrepresentation, bait and switch or any remorseful state that may have occurred due to the expected purpose of the property.
  • Any Payments or Deposits currently in a dispute with an iTrip Member awaiting the outcome of a refund due determination.

Contact A Franchise Location

Interested in contacting a booking location directly? Follow the link below to see the list of franchises and their contact information.

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