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iTrip Vacations Panama City Beach
9900 S Thomas Dr, STE 501
Panama City Beach, FL
(850) 588-1007
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If you want your Panama City Beach vacation rental in good hands, Chris Williams is on the job. Chris handles property management for iTrip units west of Thomas Drive.

Owners have his cellphone number and call him directly when they need something. They pay a lower fee than other property management companies charge. They get light bulbs changed for free. They get peace of mind knowing someone who lives in Panama City Beach is looking out for their vacation property.

iTrip Vacation Property Management Maximizes Owner Revenue

Chris remembers one Panama City Beach property owner who switched to iTrip after his existing service charged $20 to replace two bathroom vanity bulbs. iTrip property management includes free light maintenance, such as replacement of light bulbs, smoke detectors and AC filters.

“We don’t want to nickle and dime you,” Chris says.

Free light maintenance is not the only way iTrip ensures more money gets to vacation property owners:

  • Lower fee than competitors
  • No markup on maintenance and repairs
  • No listing “rotation” that penalizes popular rentals
  • Exposure on more than 25 international websites, including HomeAway and VBRO
  • Individual property marketing

Marketing each property benefits owners as well as guests. Owners get quicker bookings, and guests get a solid picture of their rental.

PCB Property Management with a Personal Touch

iTrip intentionally keeps its geographic markets small and manageable. When Panama City Beach property owners need something done, they call Chris. He knows them all personally.

At larger property management companies with hundreds of units and large staffs, issues often fall through the cracks. An email is not answered for a week. Damages or housekeeping issues are not reported in a timely manner.

“Our personal level of contact with owners is beneficial,” Chris says. “Some of them are used to sending an email and hearing back a week later.”

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Property Manager Knows Panama City Beach

Chris is no stranger to the region. His father, who worked for Lockheed Martin, moved the family to the Panhandle beaches when he took a contract job working on C­130s at Hurlburt Field near Fort Walton Beach.

Chris got his associates degree in nearby Pensacola and finished his bachelor’s degree at Florida State University ­ Panama City rather than the campus in the state capital.

“I didn’t like the whole Tallahassee business,” he says. “I love the water. I’m a boater, fisherman, you name it. Panama City was a better fit.”

He had been working as an event coordinator for Verizon, a job that demanded lots of travel. Chris wanted something that kept him in Panama City Beach, so when the opportunity came up to take over iTrip’s local property management business, he jumped.

“I love it,” Chris says.

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