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Meet the iTrip Vacations® Oak Island Rental Property Management Team

Hugh and Lisa Fosbury, owners of iTrip Vacations of Oak Island, first began visiting Oak Island and Southport in 2002, and fell in love with the quaint, laid-back way of life. Just crossing the bridge onto the island made all their cares wash away.

After several years of visiting, they decided to make Oak Island their permanent vacation location and bought a beach home, which they rented out when not in use. This was their first experience in vacation property management. They soon started dreaming about how they would like to manage vacation rental homes for other property owners on Oak Island and Southport, providing the concierge level of service they came to expect.

In 2014, Hugh and Lisa moved to the area and bought a historic property in downtown Southport. They renovated the 1886 house and called it Captain Newton’s Inn. Today, the home serves as a five-star rated bed-and-breakfast.

In addition, Hugh was born in North Carolina and moved back to Raleigh from Pennsylvania in 1999, and moved to Southport in 2014. After retiring from his corporate job, which took him all over the U.S., he was looking for a business to operate with his wife and son who are both real estate agents. They had thought about entering the short-term rental property management industry for some time. When they came across iTrip Vacations, Hugh knew this was the business for his family. iTrip provided a unique combination of world-class technology along with a commitment to ensuring exceptional customer service. iTrip was the company that aligned with their values.

Hugh and Lisa along with their son, James, are excited to make each vacation to the Oak Island and Southport areas a memorable experience so guests return year after year. They know the importance of Southern hospitality and exceptional customer service and welcome the opportunity to serve rental property owners and traveling guests.

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Price Per Night: $455
Location: Oak Island
Reviews: 4.7 Stars
Price Per Night: $242
Location: Oak Island
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $368
Location: Oak Island
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $167
Location: Oak Island
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $165
Location: Oak Island
Reviews: 0 Stars
Price Per Night: $84
Location: Southport
Reviews: 5 Stars