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iTrip Vacations Myrtle Beach South
2156 Highway 17 Business
Garden City, SC
(888) 505-1618
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Meet iTrip Vacations Myrtle Beach South

iTrip Vacations Myrtle Beach South (Dail Management Group, LLC) is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Jay and Kara Dail. Jay and Kara both grew up on the coast and have vacationed extensively in South Carolina for over 20 years. During this time they raised two beach-loving boys, so they know what vacationing families need and want for a wonderful experience. iTrip Vacations Myrtle Beach South has provided world-class services to rental owners and guests since 2011.

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About iTrip Vacations

iTrip Vacations is a vacation rental management company with local property management companies based in destinations from coast to coast. Created by vacation rental property owners for vacation rental property owners, the company began in 2008 to bring the best of traditional rental management paired with the power of an international marketing machine.

Today, iTrip Vacations managers over 2,200 vacation rental properties in over 105 resort destinations across North America, including Canada. The company markets globally and spends millions of dollars on marketing and advertising, including social media and Google, and lists each property on 80-plus distribution channels. This translates to increased revenues and conversion rates 5 times the industry average. On average, our owners see an increase of 25% revenue after listing with iTrip Vacations.

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