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Meet the iTrip® Texas Coastal Team

Winter and Lonnie Bush are the owners and managers of iTrip Texas Coastal. They provide vacation rental owners and guests throughout the Texas Gulf Coast with a proven property management program in Galveston, Houston, Kemah and Surfside.

Winter has an extensive marketing background with some of the largest corporate brands in North America. Her background in marketing and branding paired with an extensive background in rental real estate makes her a great fit for providing high-quality property management services. Lonnie has a strong background in operations and has managed rental real estate for years. Together, they work to provide a better experience for our Galveston area rental owners and visitors.

iTrip Texas Coastal helps rental owners increase their net rental income by providing a management program that focuses on marketing homes through extensive distribution channels, using customized content, a best-in-class software platform and processes that allow properties to be seen by a worldwide audience.

Contact iTrip Texas Coastal to learn more about their Galveston area rental management program.

About iTrip

iTrip was created in 2008 by vacation rental owners for vacation rental owners. The company has since grown into the largest franchise in North America serving the full-service vacation rental industry. Each iTrip destination is managed by a local team, available 24/7, who lives in the area. This combined with state-of-the-art systems and proven processes enables iTrip to provide boutique-level services backed by a national brand to all our vacation rental owners and guests.

Price Per Night: $729
Location: Jamaica Beach
Price Per Night: $152
Location: Galveston
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $512
Location: Jamaica Beach
Reviews: 4.9 Stars
Price Per Night: $175
Location: Galveston
Price Per Night: $103
Location: Galveston
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $269
Location: Galveston
Reviews: 5 Stars