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Family Paradise - 4624 Doral Ct OC
4.0/5 stars
We enjoyed our stay, the pool was and hot tub were great on the cool morning. The property outside was kept up and it looked great. Some of the problems were bathrooms downstairs, corners were caked up with hair, had to do some cleaning ourselves. The seat in the upper bathroom was broken and moved while sitting on it. Some of the closet doors did not close properly, went out and bought a few things to fix the doors myself. The Internet would out many times a day, as well as the cable TV, AT&T was not good. The kitchen cabinets on the outside were very dirty as a result of the microwave, there was grease on the face of the upper cabinets. Not sure, but it doesn't seem that the MW is taking the smells and other things out, there is a vent, but it seems that the MV was not installed to vent through the outside, there is a vent pipe in above cabinet, but all the grease in that area it may be the reason. Also, the outdoor grill would not work, so I bought a new steel grill scrubber and a few tools and took apart the grill, so much grease and ashes in the bottom, took out greats, heat deflectors and burners because there was no heat buildup, temp only got up to around 250 degrees. There was so much to clean that the burners were plugged and rust in the burner cavity. after about 3 hours, put it all together and only the last 1/3 in the back would work, but we were able to get temp up to 470 degrees. Other then that, we enjoyed the place.
San Diego North
Beach Manor 410
5.0/5 stars
My daughter and I loved your charming home. It was beautiful, breezy and very clean. It is one of our favorite places we have visited. Having rentals myself, I see your attention to detail. The little things do indeed mean a lot. We highly recommend your place to any potential renters. We tried for spring break and were too late unfortunately. Thank you for sharing your home, we hope to be back very soon.
Destin, FL

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