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About iTrip Vacations® Telluride

Christopher Reap and Holly Svendsen are the owners of iTrip Vacations Telluride. They provide vacation rental owners and traveling guests world-class services through a proven property management program in the Telluride area, including Mountain Village.

Christopher has over 10 years of property management experience in Telluride and 25 years experience in the hospitality industry. Holly has been in the global hospitality, travel and tourism industry for over 20 years. They have both worked at executive levels for exclusive 5-Star, 5-Diamond hotels. Holly has managed over 300 properties worldwide for luxury destination clubs. Together, they create a positive energy, which transmits a memorable experience while increasing their owners’ ease of doing business, net rental income and guest satisfaction.

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Both Christopher and Holly enjoy delivering an exceptional experience to the vacation guest and owner. Their services provide peace of mind, affordable rental rates, flexible booking options, local insider tips and personalized touches that enhance the experience. iTrip Vacations Telluride, believes in building and maintaining trusting relationships through boutique-level care backed by a national and international brand.

With the consistent desire to provide a more seamless experience for their existing Telluride vacation rental homeowners, they decided to launch iTrip Vacations Telluride. The company's massive marketing power and state-of-the-art systems benefit owners and guests, meet market needs and enable the continued growth of the business. Bringing the iTrip brand to Telluride allows Christopher and Holly the opportunity to serve as a leading force of vacation rental management in the Telluride market.

In their spare time, they enjoy taking advantage of the great outdoors with their dogs. You'll find Christopher mountain biking, hiking and trail running in the summer, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. He also enjoys attending Telluride summer music festivals and cooking. Holly can be found in the same areas, but in the winter she enjoys Nordic skiing and snowboarding, and in the summer she’s on her paddleboard. In the off-season, they enjoy traveling, sailing, snorkeling and scuba when time permits.

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Available Properties

Price Per Night: $875
Location: Placerville
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $1682
Location: Telluride
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $430
Location: Telluride
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $781
Location: Mountain Village
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $1055
Location: Telluride
Reviews: 4.9 Stars
Price Per Night: $1344
Location: Mountain Village
Reviews: 0 Stars