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Meet the iTrip® Northwest Team

Cousins Corey Tigner and Ryan Tigner own and manage iTrip Northwest, which serves Central Oregon, the Greater Northwest Region of Oregon and Southwestern Washington.

Their journey began around 2010 with their own short-term vacation rental properties. Every day, they felt the same issues surrounding concerns of cleaning, maintenance, revenue management and communication. There had to be a better way.

In attempting to find that solution, they found iTrip. At its core level, iTrip provides a software suite that offers unparalleled management of marketing, guest communication, cleaning, maintenance support, and much more. Corey and Ryan each left their corporate careers to enter into this journey together along with the short-term rental owners and investors they serve in Oregon and Washington.

A core philosophy of iTrip Northwest is their dedication to homeowners. It is through this partnership the company builds and develops successful short-term rentals. The team is led by local business owners dedicated and invested in managing the best short-term rentals possible.

iTrip Northwest's goal is to be the best vacation rental and short-term rental managers in the Pacific Northwest where they operate. The team spends every day making sure that remains true.

Contact iTrip Northwest to list your property or book a vacation rental in Portland, Willamette Valley, Mt. Hood or Eugene in Oregon.

Price Per Night: $338
Location: The Dalles
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $1981
Location: Yamhill
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $92
Location: Portland
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $286
Location: Newberg
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $125
Location: Gales Creek
Reviews: 4.5 Stars
Price Per Night: $210
Location: Lincoln City