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Imagine as an avid golfer, you buy a gorgeous Destin beachfront condo to rent as vacation property – and tee up for a golf trip whenever you want one. Or so you think.

Yet, the property management company bars you from using your own place in the summer and/or limits the weeks you stay each year. Whose property is it, anyway?

Of course it is your vacation property, and we believe you should enjoy it whenever you’d like. No usage restrictions is not the only way we set ourselves apart. iTrip’s Destin property manager, Debbie Sarmadi, lives in Destin.

And she knows each iTrip property owner in her area – from Miramar Beach (a.k.a. Sandestin) to Destin, and west to the bridge before Fort Walton. When they need something, they call Debbie.

How Our Property Management Maximizes Your Revenue

iTrip’s program includes high­definition photography and a video tour at no extra fee. Light maintenance – such as changing of light bulbs, smoke detector batteries and AC filters – also is free.

“We don’t fee you to death,” says Steve, whose background is in real estate and investment property and vacation rentals. “If we can fix it ourselves, we don’t charge our owners.”

iTrip ensures property owners earn more in several other ways:

  • Lower fees than competitors
  • No listing “rotation” that penalizes popular rentals
  • Exposure on more than 25 international websites, including VBRO and HomeAway
  • Individual property marketing
  • No markup on maintenance and repairs

Marketing each property benefits owners as well as guests. Owners get quicker bookings, and guests get a solid picture of what they rent.

Personal Touch Sets Destin Property Management Apart

iTrip intentionally keeps its geographic markets small and manageable, which means property owners don’t wade through layers of staff or wait a week for an email response.

Such personal attention makes a difference. When a TV went out in a beachfront condo, Itrip had a new one in place within hours. The guest was so impressed he went out and bought his own condo in Destin, turning it over to iTrip for property management.

Another recent acquisition involved owners who were referred to iTrip but decided to hire another property management company, but were back within two weeks, they were already upset with that company and were back with us..

Interested in our Destin Property Management?

Sorry, Costa Rica. Destination Destin.

Debbie and her family have owned properties in the Destin area and have lived in the area for more than ten years. She has built several custom homes in Destin and has a background in new construction, historic renovations and has had great success in buying homes, updating them and turning a profit on them. She has updated several of our units already and made them much more appealing to potential guests increasing rental income and rental rates for the owners and thus making the property more valuable.

The opportunity in Destin came up, and the couple, friends of iTrip’s founders, decided to go for it. They’ve since built a Realtor referral program with cross­promotional opportunities to capitalize on a fast­growing market.

With its beaches and golf courses, Destin is an easy sell. So is iTrip.

“We have a great reservation platform, and our whole program is transparent [owners use an online portal to view detailed rental status and monthly statements],” Debbie says. “We offer our owners and guests a high level of hands­ on customer service.”

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