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Meet Our iTrip® Central Alabama Rental Property Managers

Ben Hedden and Karthik Pradeep own and operate iTrip Central Alabama. The team manages short-term vacation properties in the greater Birmingham area, Smith Lake and Tuscaloosa.

Ben is a Birmingham, Alabama, native who knows the power of real estate investing. He decided to jump into the real estate business to learn as much about the industry as possible. After three years in real estate, he acquired four long-term rental properties. After noticing the massive growth the Central Alabama market is experiencing, he decided to take his expertise to the next level. He joined up with Karthik, an experienced short-term rental manager, to bring iTrip’s full-service management program to the greater Birmingham market.

Karthik is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and he moved to Birmingham in 2017 to attend University of Alabama at Birmingham to study finance. During his time there, he partnered with a local cleaning company and started managing vacant apartment units in the short-term rental space. Taking what he learned from self-managing these units and growing a cleaning company, he decided to take his passion for creating beautiful guest experiences to iTrip.

Central Alabama has experienced major growth in recent years. The market is in dire need of professional short-term rental management services. Karthik and Ben are excited to make short-term rentals a possibility for all real estate investors and second homeowners. They also understand the huge financial benefits of short-term rentals in Birmingham, but also relate to the challenges of self-management. Partnering with iTrip will bring these incredible opportunities to the Birmingham Metro and ensure quality service for visiting guests and homeowners.

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Available Properties

Price Per Night: $107
Location: Birmingham
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $512
Location: Birmingham
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $361
Location: Birmingham
Reviews: 4.8 Stars
Price Per Night: $467
Location: Northport
Reviews: 5 Stars
Price Per Night: $232
Location: Birmingham
Reviews: 4 Stars
Price Per Night: $358
Location: Birmingham