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154 Village Stream
5.0/5 stars
We loved this condo!!! Everything was perfect!!! We can't wait to return!
One Ocean Place Penthouse
5.0/5 stars
I rented he penthouse for my husband's birthday so that our children could come stay the week with us at the beach with plenty of room. The 1st issue was upon check in when I realized we were only going to be given 2 parking permits. I tried to tell the lady that I had spoken to someone from her company who assured me that there would be ample parking. No dice. Over 2,000 sq ft but only 2 parking spots. She suggested we park at Walmart and shuttle back and forth. No I'm not kidding. I went to the property thinking I could ask someone there. There is no onsite office. None. I found a security office which was unmanned. There were 3 phone numbers on the door. No answe at any of them including the "in case of emergency" number where simply left my name, number and time as directed by the ANSWERING MACHINE. I was told all calls would be returned within the hour. That was on 10/17/15 Today is 11/12/15. I'm still waiting. The penthouse was not clean. I immediately took my shoes off when entering as I do at home. There was instantly sand all over my feet. I was trying to figure out how that much sand got into a penthouse condo that high if no one had been in it since it had been cleaned. Then I saw a hair tie, change and a tootsie roll on the floor. So I guess it hadn't been cleaned or at least not swept. There were piles of dirt and hair in the corners of thebbathrubs. There was enough pigeon poop on the balcony that I am shocked we do not have some sort of disease. I went down stairs for a minute so as not to cry about the amount of money I had spent on a dirty condo that we had to shuttle back and forth to in front of my family. I met a security guard who graciously granted me an extra parking permit "for the weekend." This being Saturday, that meant we had it for 24 hours. We spent an hour and a half working out plans for who would or could shuttle who at what time throughout the week. We started to settle in and realized the ceiling fan in he one bedroom was so loose it made a horrendous squeal and appeared to be ready to drop at any second. I don't care so much about this but it should be fixed before someone gets hurt. There were so many cobwebs and so much dirt in the kitchen window you couldn't see out. There were hand prints all over every window an sliding glass door. Not just child height and not just by door handles. It was gross. I spent 3 hours cleaning, sweeping and mopping a penthouse I had just spent a LOT of money to rent. The next day, I received a call telling me I could have one more parking permit. This is what I had been telling them I was told all along. In order to get the permit I would have to come back to the off site office an pick it up. Well, of course I did so but felt it was unfortunate to make me so this instead of having it brought to me. On day 4 we discovered that the lock requiring a penthouse key to get you to the top floor doesn't actually need a key. At least not in one of the elevators. A dime works just fine. How did we discover this? A lady renting another unit in the building told us. They rent every winter and they have been in the penthouse to "check it out" several times. There was so much more but I will spare you. What bothered most was that when I tried to make my concerns known upon check out I was literally cut off and told they didn't have time. I asked if I should call back and they said no. I had a list, would they like that? No. They told me I would receive a survey or something online. If I owned this property I would be furious. I'm not sure what they pay to have it cleaned but it is too much. They should fire these people and hire new ones. I also think they should find a new property management company. As I used to do this for a living I can tell you this level of care is so subpar it doesn't even make he scale. They put the cuss I customer service. This was a once in a lifetime dream for us. It was not the dream we had hoped for. We travel and stay in nice places but never spend that much money on a penthouse. We work hard but are not wealthy. I saved for this. I wish I had spent the money elsewhere or still had it in the bank. I promise everyone I know in Myrtle Beach will know not to rent through this company or let families use them either. My sister in law stayed at another property and rented through the same company with similar results. Such a shame.

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